Winter Moving The Tips You Need To Know

Winter Moving: The Tips You Need To Know

Winter months are slow months for the moving industry. As such, if you are moving during winter you can expect an easier time booking movers and elevators in buildings. Importantly, it might be cheaper as compared to moving during the peak months.

Be Flexible When Moving During Winter

As you might appreciate, winter weather is highly unpredictable. It, therefore, goes without saying, you should be flexible and prepared for anything. In the weeks leading to your move, keep an eye on the weather. Be flexible enough to reschedule the move, if a storm blows in.

The actual moving day is typically busy. To make it easier on you, have everything ready by the time moving day comes along. You should have packed everything and ready before the movers come around.

If its snowing during the moving day, you will need to do a lot more prep before loading and or unloading your items. For starters, you will need to shovel and clear a wide access path to where the truck will park. You also should salt and sand any and all slippery surfaces to reduce the risk of slipping and falling while moving items to or from the track.

Protect Your Items

You will have to pack your items differently if it snows or rains heavily on moving day. Securing your moving boxes with packing tape will be sturdy enough to withstand only a light shower. However, if there is a heavy downpour, plastic totes might be better than using cardboard boxes as they can withstand more intense rain. Plastic totes are available for rent.

You should pack any artwork by wrapping it in plastic and covering the wrapped artwork with a trash bag. Pack your clothes and other textiles item in trash bags to protect them from water. You can cover fabric and wood furniture in heavy tarps or blankets to protect them from water. In case of heavy rainfall, consider shrink wrapping the furniture in plastic.

Give yourself extra time

In the event you face extreme weather that does not clear up, consider giving yourself some more time. Generally speaking, expect rains, snow, and ice to cause delays in travel as it is common all through winter. At the very least, weather can affect how fast you load the truck and the time spent on the road. Call to schedule your winter move with Burnett’s Moving Service ahead of time

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