The Cost Of A Local Move

The Cost Of A Local Move

It is estimated that seven out of ten Americans remain in the same county when the relocate to a different home. Despite the fact that local moving costs far much less than long-distance moving, the same packaging services or supplies are used.

Cost of Moving Alone

Some people opt to rent box trucks for a local move and try to do it on their own. While this option seems cheap, it often involves many hidden expenses. You should plan on paying between $25 and $60 per day and 75 – 99 cents for every mile. If you want to buy insurance for the moving truck, you might have to deal with a $15 to $25 increase in cost. The rental company could also add taxes and other fees, particularly if you fail to clean the vehicle properly. Besides, you will also have to pay for fuel. A majority of box trucks consume a gallon of fuel for every 10 to 12 miles. Heavier loads will often lead to lower gas mileage. If you add up the cost of these supplies, it could easily get to a substantial amount. For example, a home improvement store will charge $28 for a big roll of bubble wrap.

You will also need cardboard boxes, labels, and pads. With an appliance dolly, you will safely move refrigerators, washers, stoves, and dryers. That would cost you about $7 to rent or purchase a low-end for $50. You might also need to pay a few friends to help in moving large boxes and furniture. And even when they do it at no cost, you’ll be obliged to help them in a similar situation in future. Time is another cost that many people don’t factor in when moving on their own.

The amount of time you spend on a move could be utilized attending to other tasks that relate to the move or spent doing constructive work. Depending on the size of your move and flexibility of your schedule, you might have to take leave if the move can’t be done in a single weekend. DIY moving often involves more risks. What’s even worse is that the total expense could skyrocket by several hundred dollars if you destroy a TV set or fridge. There is also a chance of suffering serious injury while driving an unfamiliar truck or carrying heavy items. Ultimately, the cost of a DIY move will add up in addition to the fact that you’ll need more time and effort as compared to hiring professional movers.

The Cost of Hiring Professional Movers

The costs of professional movers vary depending on the distance and size of the move, and if you would like packing services. We can offer a quote for their services in order to know the cost estimates before you make the move.

Reducing Costs

Whether it’s a DIY move or you hire professional movers, you could reduce moving expenses by eliminating the unnecessary items. You could donate a few things, hold a yard sale or hire a junk removal service before packing your items. Call us today for advice on how to do your move with us.

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