Tackle Your Moving Tasks In Minutes

Tackle Your Moving Tasks In Minutes

Moving is a stressful event. You can keep stress to a minimum by planning your move carefully and by tackling tasks one at a time. Here are some tips for getting your moving tasks done a few moments at a time.


Start the decluttering process as soon as you can. The easiest way to tackle this task is by going from room to room. Devote one day to get each room decluttered. Get the whole family involved in this project. Take boxes and label them for tossing, donating, or selling. Simply round up everything you do not need, and place the items in the appropriate box. Do this for clothing, paperwork, books, CDs and DVDs, shoes, and kitchen items.

Get Quotes

The Internet makes it easy to research good local mover and inquire about prices online. Moving costs are based on distance as well as the number of items and furnishings being moved. If you have special items like a piano or marble furniture, these will cost more to move because they require special handling. Ask at least three different movers for quotes.

Obtain quotes as many weeks ahead of the move as you can. Four to six weeks is ample, but give things more time if you are moving during the summer. You can have your quotes in a matter of minutes. Then you can hire the right mover for you in no time. Make sure you hire movers with insurance. Be sure the movers disclose all fees for gas, mileage, or heavy or bulky items.

Notify Everyone of Your New Address

Start with the post office. Fill out a change of address form online. Contact all utilities and subscription services. Notify them of your new address, and make arrangements to transfer services to your new place as soon as you can.

Make Appointments for Junk Removal or Donations

Now that your items have been decluttered, you will want to dispose of things as conveniently as possible. Hire a junk removalist to haul away any bulky items, tools, cleaning products, paints, or outdoor furnishings. Hire a local donation center to pick up all items you have ready for donating. Then call your local movers. This saves you time and energy.

The more time you can give yourself for these tasks the less time it takes to get them done. Call us for your smooth and stress-free move.

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