Saying Goodbye Gracefully as You Leave a Job

Saying Goodbye Gracefully as You Leave a Job

If you have to move more than about an hour away from where you currently live, you may need to leave your current job and find a new place to work. If you aren’t lucky enough to work for a very large company that has numerous locations, or to have a job that allows full time telecommuting, it’s likely that you’ll need to find a new option for employment.

It’s important that you leave your existing job on good terms, so that you can build up your professional network, keep a list of positive references, and maintain an excellent reputation. Let’s examine some ways to say goodbye to your current job on good terms before you move on to your new one:

Who to Speak With

The first person you tell about your decision to change jobs should be your direct manager. This step is important for reasons of practicality. Although you’ll need to work with the HR department to handle specific issues about your departure from the company, your supervisor will also need to make adjustments quite soon so that the agency as a whole can adjust to your leaving. It’s also considered polite to speak to your boss first.

When to Give Notice

When it’s time to provide notice, two weeks is the typical time given for most positions in most positions. This length of time allows your employer time to form a plan to divert your work to other employees and start the hiring or promoting process, while you also avoiding staying longer than you’re truly welcome.

Saying Goodbye Effectively

Although you won’t have daily collaborations or the ability to interact with your colleagues on a regular basis after you’ve left, these relationships could still be quite valuable to you in the future. It’s important to say goodbye in a polite, professional way and exchange private contact information where you’d like to so that you can keep this professional network functioning as well as possible after you’ve left. Call your professional movers for the next stage of your move.

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