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Renting A Moving Truck Versus Hiring A Moving Company

Deciding between renting a moving truck and hiring a moving company are the two main options that are available when people are moving. Of course, renting a moving truck will cost less but the added work and stress needs to be considered as well. And although the initial cost might appear to be very tempting, there could also be several hidden costs that you may be overlooking. Fortunately, these days there are also hybrid methods that are in between the two, and professional movers can be hired to help you out with your individual needs.


It definitely seems to be cheaper to rent a moving truck instead of hiring a moving company to manage your relocation. However, you need to make sure that everything is getting factored into your move’s final cost. There are many people who tend to forget expenses such as packing materials, toll costs, and the cost of their time as well as the price of fuel when coming up with the total cost to rent a moving truck. Once you account for all of those expenses, renting an inexpensive truck is not always the great deal that it appears to be at first. Begin by reviewing this comparison of various rental truck companies in order to get a better idea of the terms and costs that are involved in a moving truck rental. Also, keep in mind that when you receive a guaranteed price at the Unpakt website you will know exactly the amount you will pay and everything that the price includes.

Getting Help

Packing and moving are labor-intensive activities. So even if you decide to not hire a moving company you are still going to need help. That could involve trying to ask for many favors from relatives and friends. If you don’t have a lot of belongings or anything that is especially fragile or valuable then having your friends help you move might be sufficient. However, if you have a lot of personal belongings that need to be moved, and some of your things are irreplaceable or value, then you should think twice about that option. Good friends or family members are not experienced movers necessarily and will not be insured for any damages that could occur during your move. So if your flat screen TV is dropped by your friends, you aren’t going to sue them for compensation. Having professional movers do the job can save you lots of stress. You also may be surprised at just how affordable a full moving service may be.

Safety First

Are you able to imagine yourself driving the rental moving truck off of the lot and merging onto the highway with plenty of confidence and comfort? Probably not, unless you happen to be a professional driver. They are heavy, large vehicles that are more difficult to steer and require a lot of caution when merging, turning, braking and most other aspects involved in driving. Just picture yourself exhausted after packing and loading up the truck even before you get on the road. It may be better for you to call the professionals unless you are not traveling too far and can fit all of your belongings into a van, pickup or another kind of small truck.

Great Deals

So how do moving companies actually work? A majority of the work they get is seasonal. That means they are busier in the summer than they are in the winter. Also, certain days are busier, especially on the weekends. On weekdays and during the slow season, you can get big discounts and find great deals.

You also can take full advantage of the experience and expertise that professional moving services have by getting them to load and transport all of your belongings while you do all of your own packing for a lower cost than what a full-service mover would charge you. Just be careful whenever you hire a moving company. There are some highly discounted moving services that have a reputation for not being very careful with your belongings, or being very unprofessional. It is very important to check out the online reviews of moving companies to learn about past customers experiences and to review the track records of any moving companies that you are thinking about hiring.

So should you move all of your belongings on your own or hire professional movers? Ultimately, it will depend on the amount of stuff that you have to move and how far you are going. As long as you don’t have a lot of stuff, like moving contents from a one-bedroom apartment, you and family member or friend probably can handle your move. If you are moving only 10-15 miles away or less and can do the entire move in just one day, then a rental truck might be the ideal solution for your situation. However, if you have more personal belongings than that or if your new house is farther away than 10-15 miles, then a moving company most likely will be better prepared and equipped to manage your move.

Before you make your final decision, learn more about moving companies and moving truck rentals and compare the total costs first.

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