Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

For most of us, moving is a rather personal experience and getting to know our movers isn’t often a priority but, ultimately everyone in the company knows every customer. There are customers who have been in their home for decades and are on the verge of leaving behind sweet memories.

To start with, you must look at all available moving companies and settle on one that best suits your needs.

The second question sheds more light about this company and answers our third question as well, For How Long Have You Been In Operation & Reviews? Requesting or looking for reviews should get you to places like Google reviews, Facebook, B.B.B, and a company website. Here, you will see comments about this company and they will give you an idea of how long the company has been doing business as well as how others feel about them.

Always get more information about the charges. Hourly moves should translate into X amount of dollars for the labor of loading to unloading a truck. What are the charges for the truck, mileage and gas (if any)? Are there any extra charges and what do they entail? Some moves are Flat Rate Moves, also known as Inventoried Moves. An inventory of what’s being moved gives a better idea of the labor and trucks required for the move. It could also include other items like the packaging materials.

Is there a liability in place in case of damages? All moving companies must have a 60 cents/pound liability for lost or damaged items. DO NOT get into business with a company that has no moving liability. You should avoid any company that doesn’t a liability for damage. A majority of companies, however, will have the option to buy a higher limit for purposes of carrier liability. Ensure that the company you choose offers extra carrier liability, just like do here at Wise Moving. This is an indicator that the company is serious about their job. Moving companies don’t sell insurance. This can only be done by licensed insurance companies. If you will need actual insurance for your items on the day of your move, it is advisable that you check with the existing insurance policy and add or purchase the coverage you’ll need before the move.

Finally, inquire whether the moving crew is fully trained and have all the required background checks. This is crucial because it could be the difference between well-packed items and broken items after the move.

With these questions, you will easily narrow down your search to companies you can trust. Remember, the key is to ask as many questions as possible. There’s nothing like a stupid question. At Burnett’s Moving Services, we like keeping our clients informed even when they choose to work with another company. If your company of choice cannot respond to your questions, then you should avoid them at all costs and give us a call.

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