Moving Scams To Look Out For

Moving Scams To Look Out For

An abnormally low quote

When a moving company provides a quote that is well below all of the other ones that you have obtained at the start of your moving process, you should treat it cautiously. Although circumstances like scheduling on the same day as your move and customer volume can result in a mover offering you a low rate, you need to be careful and recognize when sometimes it appears to be too good to be true. It often is.

Bait And Switch

A scam closely related to an unrealistically low quote is the technique referred to as bait and switch. With this tactic, a company will offer a reasonable quote and apparently professional service. However, then they will engage in various nefarious activities like claiming their estimate was inaccurate and then charge you a significantly higher amount – which basically holds your belongings hostage – or actually steal your belongings. It can be difficult to gain any leverage in those situations. Therefore, the best thing to do is not place yourself in this position, to begin with.

Lack of unique, specific information

Many dishonest moving companies will use generic phrases. They avoid offering a specific company name or any contact information other than a basic email address or phone number. As has been pointed out by the Better Business Bureau, if they answer their phone with a generic phrase like “movers,” you should feel suspicious immediately. Also, if the moving company does not provide information about key things like registration and insurance you should be really wary of using their moving services.

The final red flag to be aware of is using generic moving trucks. A mover that is otherwise trustworthy and reputable, it isn’t necessarily a huge deal, but it is a big concern when the company has not displayed any of these positive attributes in other aspects.

Find a dependable, trustworthy mover

To avoid moving scams begins with finding dependable and trustworthy movers and packers. All of our agents are very happy to provide important information. To learn more call us today!

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