How To Host A Memorable Home Warming Party

How To Host A Memorable Home Warming Party

You have finally moved into your dream home, unpacked all of your boxes, cleaned all the mess and clutter up, so now it is time for you to show off your new house by having a house warming party. Here are some useful tips to help ensure your party is truly memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Plan And Mail Classy Invitations

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your housewarming party ahead of time so you are fully prepared. That means deciding whether your party will be an evening get together or an elaborate dinner party. Also, prepare your invitations according to the kind of party you are going to be hosting and then send them out one week ahead of time at least. Also, make sure your invitations have a ‘return by’ date on them so you know how many people are planning to attend your party.

Prep Your Seating And Bathrooms

It is critical to stock up on certain supplies like extra soap, toilet paper, towels, etc. make sure your house is well organized and clean, especially following an exhausting move! You also need to ensure there is plenty of seating so your guests have places to sit. You can create a comfortable seating area by putting a fancy blanket and throw cushions on the floor.

Organize A Playlist And Make Your Place Smell Good

An inviting scent such as cinnamon or vanilla can help to make sure guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can light scented season candles. For example, in the fall, you can use pumpkin spice scented candles. Music is always the key to everyone’s heart so make sure you organize a great playlist to get all of your guests into a partying mood.

Set Aside Times To Give Group Tours

Showing off your new home to your friends is the entire point of having a house warming party. However, it can be a big hassle trying to give each individual a tour of your home so that is why you should set up a specific time for your tour. A good time would be after dinner and before you have dessert.

After all of the hassles you went through with moving, unpacking and organizing your home to make it look decent, you definitely deserve to have a party and enjoy time with your friends. Let’s get you moving! The professionals at Burnett’s Moving Services are awaiting your contact, give us a call.

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