How To Choose The Best Time For A Local Move

How To Choose The Best Time For A Local Move

Most of us prefer to move during summer vacations or weekends. Nevertheless, this may result in higher moving costs, despite the fact that you’ll have your children available to lend you a helping hand. The higher costs are a result of the increased demand for moving services, which triggers an increase of the prices. The rule is simple: the bigger the demand, the higher the prices.

What Is The Best Month To Move In?

According to nationwide statistics, about 50 million Americans move each year. More than 60% of these moves take place between May and September. The main reason why families make this choice is that their school-going children can move without any disruption from school, as this is also the time of summer vacations. If you also want to prevent disrupting your children during the school year, you should pick the summer vacation as the best time to move.

Is There A Specific Best Time Of The Month To Do It?

Yes. In fact, choosing the right time of the month can help you save money. You may already know that most leases and rentals start from the 1st of the month. This means that the beginning and the end of the month are the busiest times, and consequently the most expensive. Since there’s a higher demand for moving services during these times, chances are that costs will also be higher.

What About A Best Day Of The Week To Move?

While weekends sound just perfect, they will surely cost you more. As most families prefer to move over the weekend, the demand is higher and movers increase their rates.

What Time of the Day Should I Pick To Start Moving?

Choosing a specific time of the day won’t probably save you money. However, it can save you a lot of effort, so it’s worth giving this issue a thought or two. Most moving experts recommend early morning as the best time to start moving and they are right to do so. Early morning tends to be cooler, the traffic is lighter, and you’ll have more hours of daylight to take advantage of.

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