9 Important Things To Do Right After Your Move

9 Important Things To Do Right After Your Move

Many people put in a lot of planning for their move, like hiring a moving company or getting the packing done in advance, but we rarely focus on what next after we have gotten into our new home. We focus so much on getting everything else done and just getting to our new home in one piece with all our items that forget what will follow after the move.

Inspect Your Items

After everything has been unloaded from the moving trucks, start inspecting as they move your items into the new house. Use the list of all items that you had prepared while packing to ensure everything is accounted for. If something is left behind and you discover later on, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of trying to get it back.

Ensure All Utilities Are Working

This is something you ought to have dealt with before the relocation. Transferring all utilities before relocating is essential since getting into a house that doesn’t have electricity, running water or gas could be a nightmare. But, if this is something you couldn’t handle earlier on, deal with it immediately since if all your basic needs are not catered for, you will have difficulties settling in the new home.

Unpack Immediately

Although this isn’t as time-consuming as the packing process, it will still require time and energy. The best place to start is unpacking all necessities like clothes, toothbrushes, slippers, and so on. Other items like toilet paper, soap, cutlery, and tissue boxes should be unpacked soon after the arrival.

Explore the House

You should make a point of familiarizing with the new home almost instantly. Be on the lookout for damages or leaking pipes that will need immediate repair. Locate the gas supply, water supply, and fuse box so that you can shut them down in the event of an emergency. Do not ignore these tasks to the time you urgently need to find them in order to avoid a catastrophe.

Check For Damages To Your Items

Moving companies offer insurance in case a client’s items are damaged. It is for this reason that you shouldn’t delay the unpacking process. Thoroughly examine the furniture, decoration items, appliances, and everything else for damage.

Change Your Address

Another thing you’ll need to do immediately is change your postal address.

Register Your Vehicle

Get your vehicle registered soonest with your new state officials.

Get Your Children to the Nearest School

If you already have children, it is a good idea to enroll them into a new school before relocation. And if you didn’t do that beforehand, try to do it as soon as you make the move into your new home.

Familiarize With the Neighborhood Get familiar with the neighborhood. Know where to shop for groceries, the nearest mall and nearest gas station. A moving company can help speed your process up. Contact your Spokane Burnett’s branch to get your moving process started.

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