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Why pay unbelievable prices for a simple service? As a local moving company in Spokane, WA, Burnett’s Moving Services doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg. Our motto is, “You rent the truck, we do the rest.” What does that mean for you? It means you’re not getting charged an hourly rate for a truck that just sits there while the moving company packs up your home.

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We take extreme pride in our work and dedication to each of our clients. Our employees are hardworking movers. That’s why we GUARANTEE efficient use of your time. We know how hectic moving can be and we’ve made it our primary goal to take as much stress off of you as possible. We will do our absolute best to be as accommodating to your needs as possible.

Unlike other local movers in Spokane, WA we are a “moving labor service”. This means we do everything except drive a truck. We will provide all the equipment your items may need for a safe move including pads, straps, dollies, and even floor runners.

We are dedicated to serving the inland northwest with the best possible service.  We can provide professional and affordable moving services in the following areas:  Coeur d’Alene, Country Homes, Fairwood, Geiger Heights, Glenrose, Hazelwood, Mead, Orchard Prairie, Pasadena Park, Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Town and Country as well as other surrounding areas.

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“Two guys. Two hours. Punctual, reliable, hard-working. Saved us from hurting our back. Highly recommend.” – Wendy R.

“We have had Burnett Moving Services help us out 3 times now and each time we have been very satisfied. The guys were friendly, quick and took great care of our stuff. Highly recommend them. Michael and Daron(?) were great!!!! Thank you guys!!!” – Madeleine M.

“The guys were great! Very professional, helpful and hard working. I will definitely use them the next time I move!” – Chad M.

“These guys did a great job. From the initial calls to the actual move, I was very impressed. We had everything mostly packed in boxes or totes, but needed someone to move everything from 2 different locations. We had a mix of everything from a huge armoire and furniture to baby and children odds and ends. They were very efficient getting everything loaded and unloaded. I would definitely use them again.” – Ryan G.

“Absolutely fantastic experience! Incredibly thorough and efficient business. All of their employees are extremely helpful and personable individuals. This was my first time to acquire a moving service and they made the entire process a breeze for my family. If you are like me and have ever been wary of utilizing a moving service I would highly recommend this company as you will not be disappointed.” – Nathan

Our Local Spokane Movers Will Pack You Up and do the Heavy Lifting

Why do the packing when we can do it for you? Let’s face it, packing takes up an incredible amount of time and effort to do on your own. If you start early, you end up unpacking items looking for something that was supposed to be in the “leave out” pile. If you wait until the last minute, you end up taking shortcuts, causing damage to items that may not be replaceable.

Let our local moving company take the load off your shoulders, both literally and figuratively. We will show up with all the boxes and wrapping you could want and make sure everything is packaged safely for its trip to your new home. Then, we’ll get it loaded onto the truck in no time and you’ll be off and running.

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In Spokane,
No Moving Job is Too Big or Too Small

At Burnett’s Moving Services, we do it all so you don’t have to. With only a one-hour minimum billing requirement, even the smallest move can be made even easier by using our local moving service.

And, after the second hour, we start billing at quarter hour increments. This means if your total time equals two hours and forty-five minutes, we won’t be rounding it up to 3 hours and leaving you to pay for 15 minutes of work you don’t have to.

Jobs locations that are further than 50 miles (or 1-hour driving) from our office, start time is upon departure from our office.

Job locations that are within 50 miles (less than 1-hour drive), start time is upon arrival at your location.

Pricing our moves is easy to plan for. Just figure out how many people you need and then calculate $50/person/hour.

  • 1 man - $50 per hour
  • 2 men - $100 per hour
  • 3 men - $150 per hour
  • 4 men - $200 per hour


10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Moving Company

When you hire a professional mover to help you with your relocation, this process will be smoother and more stress-free. If you are unsure about hiring a moving company, there are some very good reasons that you need to be aware of.

Peace Of Mind

Anyone who has had to plan a move can tell you that this can become overwhelming and very stressful. Professional movers will know the best ways to navigate the roads to your new home and how they should handle all your possessions to ensure they arrive safely. When you know that your possessions are in safe hands, you will get some peace of mind when moving day arrives.


When it comes to reliability, a professional moving company is going to be the best option. Getting friends and family to help can be cost-effective, but they are not always the most reliable option. Professional movers will undergo training to ensure that they know what the best moving techniques are. These techniques will protect your belongings and ensure that everything moves at a smooth pace.


When it comes to moving your possessions, the moving company will be held accountable. This means that they will work to ensure that all of your possessions arrive at your new home safely. When you do not hire professional movers, you will be responsible for ensuring that everything reaches your final destination safely. This responsibility will increase the stress that you are under and make the move harder than it has to be.

The Speed

When you work with a moving company, you will be given a time and date when your possessions will arrive at your new home. There are a lot of companies that pride themselves in their prompt and professional service. When you find a good moving company, you will be able to simplify and expedite the whole move. Professionals will also be able to get all of your possessions into your new home much faster than you ever would.


When it comes to the handling of the bulky items from your home, a moving company will be more efficient at this. They will also be able to efficiently transfer your items from your old house to the moving truck and into the new house. This is due to the fact that they know the right techniques and have the right equipment.

No Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting can lead to back strain as well as a range of other health-related issues when done incorrectly. It is possible to void all forms of heavy lifting when you move by hiring a moving company. They will take care of all the lifting using the right techniques.

Professional Inventory Process

A lot of people are overwhelmed when they have to take inventory of the items in their home. When you hire a professional moving company, they will handle this for you. This process will help you ensure that all of your possessions reach your final destination and you will not have to spend time tracking all of the items and boxes.


You want your possessions to be safe when the move and this is what you get with professionals. They will know how to transport different items and carry your boxes. Professional movers will also have the right materials to protect all of your belongings while they are in transit.


When it comes to moving, experience matters. Experienced movers will be able to address any concerns that you have and will be able to answer any questions.

No Hassle

If you want to get your friends and family to help you, you need to understand the hassles that come with this. You will need to pack up your whole house and get your friends to help you move. Hiring a moving company will take all the hassle out of the move.

Burnett’s Moving Services is your professional Spokane moving company here to help you with your next move!

What’s Included With OUR MOVING Services in the Spokane Area


Two-man jobs include:

  • 1 Box Dolly
  • 2 dozen blankets/pads
  • 1 set of shoulder straps
  • 1 Appliance Dolly (upon request)
  • 1 floor runner
  • 1 set of forearm forklifts (orange straps)

(for full services 6 tie down ropes)

*Additional blankets are available upon request.

Three or more movers include:

  • 2 box dollies
  • 2 floor runners
  • 1 set of shoulder straps
  • 1 Appliance Dolly (upon request)
  • 6-8 tie down ropes
  • 1 set of forearm forklifts (orange straps)

2 dozen blankets/pads (more available upon request)

*For one ways rope will be available for purchase.


Yep, and it’s just want it sounds like it is. This unique service ranges from hooking up your electronics to cleaning your rain gutters. Here at Burnett’s Moving Services we believe in taking time for the customer to cater to specific needs. Need a picture hung? No Sweat! Need your sidewalks swept or your yard raked? No problem at all!

Why do all the work when you can have a someone take care of it for you. A handy-man can help, but they aren’t always what you need, and sometimes they can get pricey. Our rates for “Hunny Do’s” are only $30 an hour. We know a variety of skills.  

For questions  about this service, call our office and leave a message and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Thank You for Visiting Burnett’s Moving Services

We look forward to being your moving solution in the Spokane, WA area. If you have any questions or comments please submit a message on our locations page or call.

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